3 Shoe Trends to Watch This Season

3 Shoe Trends to Watch This Season

Summer has arrived, the season’s style has been released and now it’s time to investigate the shoe trends this season has to offer.  No need to hang on those boots any more, it’s time to pack them and sweep them away. Let’s step into the refreshing season in style. Summer season calls for night outs, beach parties and shopping on a warm day. All of this means that we definitely need new footwear for the season. Le runways have reported, this season we will have a lot to look forward to. From comfortable to functional all options are available for people who like to go easy on summer shoe styles.

Before you begin to fill your closet with new outfits, let’s introduce you to the latest trends in shoes this summer worth splurging. Whether, you are looking forward to late nights out, cozy road-trips or vacations on tropical islands. This season you will be stunning in all your warm-weather outfits with these shoe trends.

  1. Sneakers

In 2022, sneakers are definitely in; from new variety of colorful accents, not just for women but for men too, to sneakers in bright color, more specifically, light green, dazzling pink and periwinkle blue. Not to forget, the timeless classic kicks. The trend I am looking forward to this season is Velcro fastenings. Platform shoes have made their name to the list as well and anything platform shoe wise is in.  The most emerging sneakers this season are old school retro silhouettes; they are also coming out of retirement for 2022, and making their round back. Besides, you can use Nike Promo Code to get your most-liked sneakers online.

  1. Colorful Shoes

While fashion enthusiasts seem to be fan of only black color, it’s been revealed that shoe trend for 2022 is more about mood-boosting hues. In clothing, runways were all packed with bright colors. This fashion trend made its lead and flowed down into shoes too and it’s now a major trend across the board. Yes, you heard it right. They have made their way straight to runway and soon into your closet too. Designers are also enjoying this new colorful trend and embracing it optimistically. With the joy that colorful shoes bring, you can now match your shoes to your mood.

  1. Platform Heels

Sky-high platform heels can now take your feet to new heights, literally. From out of the early aught straight to dominating the runways, sky-high platforms are back in time, perfectly on summer party season, and are our new favorite fashion trend. After spending 2 years in comfortable shoes, it’s truly refreshing to doll up and step into the platform heels and reach some new heights. They complete any summer look. They are more comfortable and functional then stiletto all thanks to their block sole. Some might have to get use to the new few inches but the chunky sole gives you a perfect balance and makes it easier. They are perfect for parties to standout.