Creating A Cohesive Aesthetic: The Power Of IG Mood Ideas

Creating A Cohesive Aesthetic: The Power Of IG Mood Ideas

IG Mood Idea (วิธีคุมโทนไอจี, which is the term in Thai) refers to the concept of curating a cohesive and consistent aesthetic for one’s Instagram profile. This can involve choosing a specific colour scheme, utilizing particular filters or editing techniques, and creating a distinct visual identity for one’s feed.

Creating an IG mood has become increasingly popular as individuals and brands seek to establish a unique and recognizable presence on the platform. By developing a consistent aesthetic, users can make their profiles more visually appealing and engaging, leading to increased engagement and a more significant following.

How To Create An IG Mood Idea?

· Choose A Colour Palette.

One of the first steps in creating an IG mood is choosing a colour palette that resonates with one’s brand or personal style. This can involve selecting various colours that complement each other and reflect the mood or tone the user wishes to convey. For example, a user might opt for a pastel colour scheme to create a soft, dreamy aesthetic or a bold, vibrant palette to convey energy and excitement.

· Put In Edits And Filters

Once a colour palette has been established, users can experiment with different editing techniques and filters to create a cohesive look for their photos. This might involve adjusting the brightness, contrast, and saturation of images and applying specific filters or presets to create a consistent visual style.

· Create A Consistent Aesthetic.

In addition to editing techniques, users can create a consistent aesthetic by focusing on the types of content they post. For example, a fashion blogger might showcase outfits in a particular style or brand. In contrast, a food blogger might prioritize sharing photos of beautifully plated dishes. Users can create a more cohesive and visually appealing feed by focusing on a specific theme or style.


Ultimately, creating an IG mood aims to make one’s profile stand out and be more engaging to viewers. By creating a consistent aesthetic, users can establish a solid visual identity that makes their profile more memorable and recognizable. This can lead to increased engagement, such as likes, comments, and followers, which can help users grow their platforms and achieve their goals on Instagram. Creating an IG mood is a popular strategy for curating a cohesive and visually appealing Instagram profile. By focusing on colour palettes, editing techniques, and content themes, users can establish a solid visual identity that makes their profile more engaging and memorable to viewers.

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