Decoding Hockey Betting Odds: Understanding the Numbers

Decoding Hockey Betting Odds: Understanding the Numbers

Hockey, with its fast-paced action and thrilling moments, has captivated fans around the world. Beyond being a thrilling sport to watch, hockey also offers an exciting avenue for betting enthusiasts. Whether it’s the NHL, international tournaments like the Olympics, or local leagues, hockey betting provides a wide range of opportunities to wager on the sport. Understanding hockey betting odds is essential for making informed decisions, and with platforms like the Indibet Betting app, fans can delve into the world of hockey betting with confidence. In this article, we will decode hockey betting odds, explaining the various types of odds and how to interpret them.

Types of Hockey Betting Odds

1. Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are commonly used in Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. They represent the amount you will receive for every unit wagered, including your stake.

  • For example, if the odds are 2.00, a $100 bet would return $200 ($100 x 2.00 = $200).
  • If the odds are 3.50, a $100 bet would return $350 ($100 x 3.50 = $350).

2. Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are prevalent in the UK and Ireland. They represent the potential profit relative to your stake.

  • For example, if the odds are 2/1, you would win $200 for every $100 wagered ($100 stake + $200 profit).
  • If the odds are 5/2, you would win $250 for every $100 wagered ($100 stake + $250 profit).

3. American Odds

American odds are commonly used in the United States. They come in two forms: positive (+) and negative (-) odds.

  • Positive odds (e.g., +150) indicate how much profit you would make on a $100 bet. For +150 odds, you would win $150 profit on top of your $100 stake.
  • Negative odds (e.g., -200) indicate how much you need to bet to make $100 profit. For -200 odds, you would need to bet $200 to make a $100 profit.

Interpreting Hockey Betting Odds

1. Understanding Favorites and Underdogs

In hockey betting, the team with the lower odds is the favorite, while the team with the higher odds is the underdog. For example:

  • Team A: Odds of 1.50
  • Team B: Odds of 3.00

In this scenario, Team A is the favorite, and you would need to bet $100 to win $50 (plus your $100 stake) if Team A wins. Conversely, betting $100 on Team B would yield $200 (plus your $100 stake) if Team B wins.

2. Implied Probability

Odds also represent the implied probability of an event occurring. You can calculate the implied probability using the formula:

Implied Probability=1Decimal Odds

Implied Probability=

Decimal Odds


For example, if the odds are 2.00, the implied probability is:

Implied Probability=12.00=0.50 or 50%

Implied Probability=



=0.50 or 50%

This means the bookmaker believes there is a 50% chance of the event happening.

3. Finding Value in Odds

Finding value in odds is crucial for successful betting. It involves identifying odds that are higher than the actual probability of an event occurring. For instance:

  • If you believe Team B has a 40% chance of winning, but their odds are 3.00 (implied probability of 33.33%), there is value in betting on Team B.

Tips for Hockey Betting

1. Research Teams and Players

Before placing bets, research the teams, their recent form, head-to-head records, key players, injuries, and playing styles. This information can give you an edge in predicting outcomes.

2. Consider Home and Away Performances

Teams often perform differently at home and away. Take into account their home/away records, as well as any travel fatigue or home advantage.

3. Track Line Movements

Monitor how betting lines move. If the odds change, it could indicate new information or betting trends. This information can help you make timely decisions.

4. Manage Your Bankroll

Set a budget for your hockey betting activities and stick to it. Avoid chasing losses and bet responsibly.

How Indibet Betting App Enhances Your Experience

The Indibet Betting app offers several features to enhance your hockey betting experience:

1. Live Betting

Enjoy live betting options on hockey matches, allowing you to place bets as the game unfolds.

2. Wide Range of Markets

Indibet offers a diverse range of hockey betting markets, including match winners, over/under goals, period betting, and more.

3. Real-time Odds

Access real-time odds within the app, ensuring you have the latest information for your bets.

4. Convenience and Security

Bet on hockey matches conveniently and securely with the Indibet app, whether you’re at home or on the go.


Hockey betting can be both thrilling and rewarding when approached with knowledge and strategy. Understanding hockey betting odds, whether decimal, fractional, or American, is essential for making informed decisions. By interpreting odds correctly, researching teams, tracking line movements, and utilizing platforms like the Indibet¬† app, you can enhance your hockey betting experience and improve your chances of success. Remember, responsible betting is key, and it’s important to enjoy the excitement of the game while maintaining a balanced approach to wagering. So, whether you’re a seasoned bettor or new to hockey betting, these insights and tips, combined with the Indibet app’s features, can guide you towards a more rewarding hockey betting journey.