The new capabilities of AI

The new capabilities of AI

Today, artificial intelligence has become not only a powerful tool to simplify many operations but also a tool for entertainment. Users run their photos through neural networks to generate pictures and videos. Let’s discover new original capabilities of AI in creating undressed photos and analyze the Nudify app as one of the leading solutions for such an activity.

The essence of AI neural networks

Not long ago, deep nude neural networks appeared, which allow you to see any woman naked in high quality. The creators of these photo-stripping apps use the power of artificial intelligence created based on the pix2pix algorithm. After processing the image, the utility replaces body areas covered by clothing with naked ones.

From a technical point of view, a neural network for generating images is not one but two neural networks at once. The first is responsible for recognizing a text request, and the second is directly responsible for creating a picture.

The Nudify app – the best way to get undress photos

Nudify app, according to, is a photography app that provides the best and most advanced editor services to users. The app allows users to make high-quality edits using simple tools to have endless fun on their devices. The program first analyzes the contents of the image, after which it finds a female object in it. After that, using unique algorithms, it removes all the clothes from the women while drawing in the missing parts as realistically as possible. It is worth noting that to get a good result, you must carefully select the source photo. There should be open areas of the body on it. The author should also give preference to photographs taken from the front. By the way, only women’s photos can be uploaded.

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