Understanding Runaway Truck Accidents in Los Angeles

Understanding Runaway Truck Accidents in Los Angeles

The ways a truck accident can alter the life of someone don’t require an introduction, it’s a fact well-known among everyone. It’s unimaginable what a massive truck weighing between 26,000 and 33,000 pounds can do when it hits another person or a vehicle. The fact that they are dangerous is nothing but an understatement. If this is something that has happened to you recently and you got out with severe injuries, you can sue the driver and the trucking company for the injuries and trauma. You can get in touch with a lawyer and hold negligent parties accountable for their actions. 

Why do runaway truck accidents happen?

Backed up by accident data reports, the most common reasons behind runaway truck accidents are brake failure and tires blowing out. And the reason why this could be happening is that these trucks are very poorly maintained by the trucking companies. Sometimes the components of the trucks are in a worn-out condition, and these companies do not care enough to get them replaced or repaired. Some other factors that could possibly lead to truck accidents include brake pad deterioration, hydraulic failure, and a lack of air pressure in the braking lines.

In other cases, the drivers are sometimes tired, which can affect them while they are driving. Driving a truck under the influence of alcohol can also lead to accidents. The thing is, if you were hurt in a truck accident, regardless of the cause, you may file a lawsuit against both the truck driver and the trucking business. 

Responsibility of a trucking company:

Before a truck hits the road, it’s the job of the trucking company to ensure that the drivers are fit to drive and the trucks are fit to be driven. This is because even a small mistake on their part can have severe consequences. There should be regular checkups to make sure the brakes, tires, and every other component of the truck are in good condition. There is also the option of installing black boxes in trucks, and this can tremendously help the trucking companies keep an eye on the driver and the trucks. 

Final thoughts:

Did you meet a recent truck accident and feel lost not knowing what legal action to take? You should be getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer for truck accidents as soon as possible. 

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